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Unibamboo tile

plain pressed


Unibamboo tile

plain pressed


Unibamboo tile

Plain pressedCaramel
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  1. Unibamboo tile Plain Pressed Caramel lacquered
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  1. Unibamboo tile Plain Pressed Caramel lacquered

the power of thin

Unibamboo combines the virtues of carpet / vinyl with the charm of bamboo. In this innovative product, thin bamboo strips are pressed on a latex backing, providing a flexible, light, sound absorbing, economical flooring solution which is available in tiles (500x500) or boards (900x180) in a broad assortment of colours and sizes. Because of its limited thickness it is perfect for installation on top of existing floors, therefore ideal for renovation projects.

TP-CLD15-50-91: Unibamboo tile plain pressed caramel lacquered

TP-CLD15-50-92: Unibamboo tile plain pressed stained-lacquered White

TP-CLD15-50-93: Unibamboo tile plain pressed stained-lacquered Black

TP-CLD15-50-95: Unibamboo tile plain pressed stained-lacquered Taupe

TP-CLD15-50-96: Unibamboo tile plain pressed stained-lacquered Colonial

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