Depending on the preferences of the customer in terms of aesthetics and functionality MOSO offers various ways to finish its bamboo flooring.



If the surface is unfinished, the floor has to be lacquered or oiled after installation. You can choose yourself which finish you prefer. You can contact us for advice.



This finish shows the bamboo floor in its most natural way and is easy to repair if damaged. MOSO uses the A-brand WOCA for its pre-oiled flooring boards. After installation, an extra protection layer of oil has to be applied. Regular maintenance can be done by applying WOCA maintenance oil. 



A lacquer finish offers a strong protection layer to your bamboo floor. MOSO uses the leading brands Bona and Treffert for its pre-lacquered flooring boards. Bona lacquers are relatively matt (no high gloss) and are easy to maintain with the Bona cleaner and polish.


stain lacquer

MOSO offers a wide range of stained (coloured) lacquers on various flooring types. Just like regular lacquers, this finish is relatively matt (no high gloss) and easy to maintain with Bona cleaner and Bona polish.



Normally, the MOSO floors have a smooth, flat surface. By using a brush, a subtle texture is created, following the natural fiber structure of the bamboo. It creates a unique look to the floor and slightly increases the hardness.


wood look

The High Density® version becomes a unique woodprint by embossing the surface. This is done by feeding the boards through large rolls with various imprints.


rough sawn

Alternatively, the High Density® boards are mechanically cross sawn for a weathered, vintage look.


flat / ribbed

The special symmetrical shape of the sides of the Bamboo X-treme decking boards offers the possibility to choose between either the ribbed or the flat surface of the board.