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bamboo elite

high Density®


bamboo elite

plain pressed


Bamboo Elite

High Density®Natural
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  1. Bamboo Elite High Density® Natural lacquered
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  1. Bamboo Elite High Density® Natural lacquered

Long and wide boards - 100% bamboo

MOSO Bamboo Elite is a relatively long and wide bamboo flooring board which is made from three layers of solid bamboo strips. The middle layer of Bamboo Elite is pressed cross wise to safeguard the stability of the board.

BF-LA301: Bamboo Elite plain pressed natural lacquered

BF-LA351: Bamboo Elite plain pressed caramel lacquered

BF-LA321: Bamboo Elite side pressed natural lacquered

BF-LA371: Bamboo Elite side pressed caramel lacquered

BF-DT301: Bamboo Elite high Density® natural lacquered

BF-DT351: Bamboo Elite high Density® caramel lacquered

BF-DT303Bamboo Elite high Density® natural oiled

BF-DT353Bamboo Elite high Density® caramel oiled

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