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bamboo noble

plain pressed


Bamboo Noble

Plain pressedNatural
fromZAR 922.98per m2*
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  1. Bamboo Noble Plain Pressed Natural lacquered
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  1. Bamboo Noble Plain Pressed Natural lacquered

Long and wide bamboo boards with extra option: installation without glue

Together with MOSO Bamboo Plex, MOSO Bamboo Noble is the largest bamboo flooring board that MOSO offers. MOSO Bamboo Noble is made from 3 layers, with a bamboo top layer. The core and bottom layers are made of softwood, with the middle layer being cross pressed to optimise stability. The boards are equiped with a “click” sytem for easy and glueless installation.

BF-SW320: Bamboo Noble plain pressed natural lacquered

BF-SW370: Bamboo Noble plain pressed caramel lacquered

BF-SW420: Bamboo Noble side pressed natural lacquered

BF-SW470: Bamboo Noble side pressed caramel lacquered

BF-SW200: Bamboo Noble high Density® natural lacquered

BF-SW250: Bamboo Noble high Density® caramel lacquered

BF-SW321Bamboo Noble plain pressed natural oiled

BF-SW371Bamboo Noble plain pressed caramel oiled

BF-SW421Bamboo Noble side pressed natural oiled

BF-SW471Bamboo Noble side pressed caramel oiled

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