Depending on the specific requirements of the customer a certain method of installation for the MOSO bamboo floor may be preferred


fully glued

To fully glue the bamboo floor, glue needs to be applied to the subfloor (using a trowel). After this each board is placed onto the glue to strongly attach it to the under layer. 



In a floating installation the floor ‘floats’ on the subfloor: it is not glued or nailed to the subfloor. The advantage compared to fully gluing the floor is easier and cheaper installation, especially in combination with the Uniclic® system. Because of the possible movement (shrink/swell) of the floor, floating floors are not advised for very large areas (if the width of the floor is more than 8m).


floor heating

Most MOSO bamboo floors can be installed (fully glued) on floor heating, when following the conditions MOSO has listed for this special installation available here.


with clips

For installation of Bamboo X-treme to the subbeams, MOSO advises to use MOSO clips as it enables ‘invisible’ installation, without damaging the planks and leading to a better looking result compared to using screws. An added advantage of this installation method over screwing is that less fixation points are required, providing a time (and thus cost) benefit.