from bamboo plant to floor

One can understand that transforming the irregular hollow bamboo stems into a high quality, solid flooring product is a process which needs to be guided precisely. With over 15 years of experience in the bamboo flooring industry, MOSO has learnt to manage the production process to the highest detail and is therefore able to deliver bamboo flooring of the highest quality. Furthermore, MOSO ensures that the environmental impact of the production activities is at a minimum, for more information about the sustainability of our products please go to the sustainability page.

stem to strip

Once the bamboo stems have matured for 4-5 years they are harvested and split in longitudinal direction after which the outer skin is removed. Naturally, the strips have a light yellow colour (natural), but they be steamed to acquire a light brown colour (caramel). Alternatively, they can be thermally treated to acquire a dark brown colour (chocolate) or coated for a whole range of other colours.

strip to floor

After their treatment the strips are dried and a final quality selection takes place. The remaining strips can be connected in several ways to produce the final product, see the schematic drawings below. For photos of the styles mentioned please go to styles.
In the plain pressed version the bamboo strips are positioned horizontally and glued together. In the side pressed version the bamboo strips are positioned vertically and glued together.


plain pressed - side pressed

For the high density version, strips are compressed and glued together under high pressure.

high density