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Pure bamboo

Plain pressedCaramel
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  1. Pure bamboo Plain Pressed Caramel lacquered
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  1. Pure bamboo Plain Pressed Caramel lacquered

economical and 100% solid bamboo

MOSO Purebamboo is made from solid bamboo strips consisting of either one layer (side pressed version) or three layers (plain pressed version) of strips. The result is an economical floor which is made purely from solid bamboo. This floor was the first bamboo floor that ever reached the European market. All other bamboo flooring variations have been derived from this classic solid bamboo version.

BF-LA810Pure bamboo plain pressed natural lacquered

BF-LA860Pure bamboo plain pressed caramel lacquered

BF-LA610Pure bamboo side pressed natural lacquered

BF-LA660Pure bamboo side pressed caramel lacquered

BF-DS110Pure bamboo high Density® natural lacquered

BF-DS160Pure bamboo high Density® caramel lacquered

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